Markets evolve. Opportunities arise. Adaptability prevails. Think of Canter Companies as a firm focused on the capitalization of what is happening right now. Since its inception in 2007, Canter Companies has remained at the forefront of the real estate and investment industries through adjusting with the markets. By bringing complementary business entities under one roof, we have built a vertically integrated structure that allows us to oversee the entire lifecycle of an investment.






“No one is saying that financial advisors need to develop a whole new area of expertise; that’s just not realistic. But putting financial advisors and real estate experts under the same roof is, and that is starting to happen.”

– Andrew Canter as quoted in Forbes

Why Combining Real Estate Expertise With Financial Planning Is A Winning Combination by Brent Gleeson, Forbes Contributer

“In 2008 many of the most recent generations of investors discovered a harsh reality: real estate is an investment and is subject to highs and lows like most other investments. As such, you need to develop a plan to see how real estate can be used as a tool to help meet long term goals.”

– Andrew Canter as quoted in The Huffington Post

See our latest feature in the Huffington Post to learn more about Integrated Asset Management and Canter Companies.




“Canter and others are working to solve the disconnect between real estate and traditional financial planning by putting financial planners and real estate experts together in the same company. The concept is simple: have a real estate investment firm and a wealth management firm under one umbrella, allowing for a cross pollination of ideas and knowledge.”

Three Disruption Trends to Watch in the Financial Planning Industry by Drew Hendricks, Inc. Contributer

See our latest feature in Inc. to learn more about Integrated Asset Management and Canter Companies.

If you have market investments like stocks, bonds or mutual fund, you probably have a financial planner helping you. You likely use a real estate agent to help purchase or sell your real estate. Not to mention any attorneys, accountants or property managers you might work with along the way.

Do you ever get them all around a table at once to get the group’s combined knowledge? Shouldn’t the people planning your financial future be working DIRECTLY with the real estate professionals who are handling some of the biggest financial transactions in your life?

At Canter, that is exactly what we do. We call it INTEGRATED ASSET MANAGEMENT.


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